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Legends Furniture rose from the ashes of the waterbed business in 1990. Since then, we’ve been fortunate to see thirty years of consecutive growth. This growth didn’t come without some growing pains. Over the years, we’ve had to relocate four times to keep pace with our evolution, including our latest expansion, which nearly doubled the size of our Arizona manufacturing and warehouse facility. Combined with our offices in Asia, and warehouses in Vietnam and North Carolina, this expansion helps us to better serve all of our valued dealers. One thing that has not changed since our inception is our focus on product quality and superior customer service. We credit our steady and continuous growth to our customer first philosophy and to building a great product that’s a tremendous value. We believe in and practice continuous improvement, so we are always looking to find new and innovative ways to improve on our Big Three. With Legends, it all comes down to three things: Cost, Quality and Delivery. We understand that all three components must be working at the same time or they’re not really working.


Our business is built on a solid foundation of exciting, fresh, classic, trend-right products and “do-what’s-right” services, even though it all started, believe it or not, with waterbeds!


We bring new collections that delight both existing customers and bring in new ones. Every piece is designed with retail space in mind and making square footage count.


Making customers happy when issues arise with improvements and enhancements to back-of-house operations and logistics that make our overall customer experience better.

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